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This blog is entering a new orbit!

Orbiting Tomorrow’s content is moving to a new home. You may not have guessed, but I’m a science fiction writer (suddenly it all makes sense!) and I’ve finally launched a … Continue reading

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Transmission: A Plague of Media Misinformation about Ebola

In the mid-1990s, my mother–a healthcare worker–brought home a library copy of Richard Preston’s “The Hot Zone”. “It’s about a very dangerous disease,” she told me. “It kills almost everyone … Continue reading

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Fallout: A Community Copes with Uranium Pollution

Uranium pollution from wartime mining activity is driving Native Americans from their homes in Church Rock, part of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. Toxic waste, radioactive dirt, and polluted … Continue reading

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Homemade Cyborgs: Biohacking and the Debate over Body Ownership

If you thought cyborgs came out of cutting-edge laboratories, think again. Biohackers aspiring to enhance their abilities through body modifications—in particular, a sub-group known as “grinders” who experiment on their … Continue reading

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